Don't throw away those old damaged or faded photographs. Let our digital wizards restore damaged images to their former glory, and beyond. We can even colorize or sepia tone black-and-white pictures (or vise-versa). Or, we can turn a pretty good snapshot into a spectacular portrait. The result will be a dramatic photo print, or even a fine-art image on textured artist's paper with watercolor or pastel effects. Beautifully framed, they make treasured family keepsakes or thoughtful gifts. Have just one copy of a favorite picture from Grandma's album? We can provide beautiful, long-lasting reprints to share with your family. Along with your prints, you'll be provided a CD disk of the image files you can email, print, or view on your computer. So bring in your "visibly challenged" pictures and let us show you how skilled restoration and framing can transform them into a pleasure you will treasure for years.



GIFT CERTIFICATES available for all occasions. We can personalize them with the recipient's name if desired.

ACRYLIC BOXES - Great for display of three-dimensional art. Various edge treatments are available, as is a unique "glass box" look. Acrylic boxes can also be combined with traditional frames to create a dramatic look while keeping
the piece visible from all angles.

HANGING SERVICES available. Some restrictions may apply. Please call for more information.

DELIVERY of oversize pieces can be arranged if transport is unavailable or inconvenient.

SHIPPING of finished framing can be arranged, with packing services from the UPS Store or FedEx/Kinkos.

9654 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(in Blue Ash, one block north of Cooper Road)

Phone: 513-791-1911
FAX: 513-791-1990

10am-6pm / Monday - Friday
10am-4pm / Saturday
or by appointment

Owner Rick Granick is certified by the
Professional Picture Framers Association